I offer individual therapy, couples counseling, adolescent counseling, parenting and family counseling, as well as nursing home counseling. I consider it a privilege to be a witness and guide to the personal growth and evolution of each and every one of my clients. There are many paths to health, and therapy can be one of the most rewarding commitments you can make for yourself and the people you love. I am honored to make this important journey with you, to help you uncover the weights that are holding you down and untie the ropes that are holding you back.

Individual therapy

Life can be overwhelming even when you don't have to handle the additional concerns of anxiety, depression, disability, and relationship problems. When you need a safe space to feel the deeper emotions and unearth your own intuition and inner wisdom, individual counseling and therapy can be a beautiful gift for yourself.


Couples Counseling

Relationships are one of the most rewarding--and sometimes most difficult--parts of our lives. When broaching subjects of intimacy, infidelity, trust, and emotions, it's good to have an unbiased party to help navigate, translate, guide, and encourage the communication tools that are vital to every successful partnership.


Family Counseling

Marriage, parenting, adolescence, divorce, death --all huge life transitions that can be difficult to process, parents and children alike. Family counseling in a safe environment will help give you and your family the tools needed to adjust, grow, and thrive through difficult times. We'll work together to increase communication, patience, and empathy to help mend and form stable, lasting bonds